Our Vision

The choice before us is not what kind of world we’ll have in the ten years, but what kind of world will we have in the next hundred?



Imagine if you will, for a moment, a world where local communities have financial security and control of their destiny.



Imagine a world where they have the opportunity to rekindle ancient traditions and celebrate their uniqueness.



Imagine a culture that values respectful, ethical travel that strengthens the communities it touches, rather than undermines them.



Imagine a world where travellers enjoy an adventure while also providing genuine support to the local people, economy or environment.



Imagine a world where sustainable (clean) travel is THE way to travel.



Well, we believe that it’s time to stop imagining.



We call on you to join us in this movement, to join us in making this bold imagination a reality.



We are Clean Travel Connect +, and we invite you to Reach The World with us.



Our Mission

Clean Travel Connect Mission

We help local independent hotel and tour operators compete on the global market.



If you’re an independent hotel or tour operator we want to hear from you!



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