Picking the right booking software for your travel business (How to guide)

From travel agents, travel management companies to tour operator businesses and more, to keep up with the fast-paced travel industry, you’ll need the help of a powerful booking system for maximum effectivity and productivity.


Regardless of whether you operate a small independent tour company or manage a chain of corporate franchises, the long-term success of it in today’s travel industry depends mostly on a company’s capacity to leverage the proper tools at the right time to reach and retain customers.


The importance of an online booking system


Travel groups have a vast range of technology systems to pick from, in particular when it comes to choosing the proper tour reserving engine for their specific needs.

For this reason, it’s quite essential for you to think about a range of exceptional elements when choosing a booking system to rely on, based entirely on your precise requirements and desires.


It’s simple, travellers these days prefer to search, pick out and book their tours, tickets, and offerings online (in fact, according to eMarketer, travel booking on mobile keeps growing as a favourite channel for U.S. consumers and could soon become the predominant way travel is booked online).


Offering a simple, straight-forward, helpful user-experience with the help of an online booking system will be convenient for your customers because they can quickly examine reviews, compare prices, etc. All of this without leaving their homes. And, with their payment method at hand, they can finalise their journey plans within minutes (if not seconds).


What to consider


Start by brainstorming every part of your business and ask yourself which key elements are being met and which ones are missing at the moment to then write them down in a list.


This could be much easier if you’re part of a big team, you can try interviewing your colleagues in each area.


After compiling the list of features your business is missing, you can start aligning your wants and needs in it with the essential elements that we’ll list further in this articles for you to figure out the type of booking system that would be perfect for your business.


User-friendly interface


The look and feel of the interface should transmit ease and comfortableness for you and your teammates to use it effortlessly. Pay attention to little details: Buttons should be in the place clients would assume them to be; functionality should be intuitive.



The competition is high in the travel and tourism business, when travellers have a range of excellent sources for gaining knowledge of possible destinations to visit and booking tours, offering a fast, safe experience could be vital for differentiating yourself from the rest and get a nice advantage.




Reporting is a crucial part of any business and it also doubles as a vital characteristic that should be found in an online booking system.


This will enable you to get a better view of the overall progress of your business, reservations, analytics and more. You can take a peak to the Clean Travel booking software reports by requesting a free trial today.


Easy to integrate


A good, cloud-based booking system should be easy to get added to your site through the proper widgets. Yes, we’ve mentioned “cloud-based”, as a tour and activity operator, you want to be capable of controlling your bookings from wherever you are, and, at any time.


High-quality customer support


This is a critical thing to consider. Getting help when your business needs it is very important. Having the right tools and guides at hand for self-support is good, but you need to get solutions promptly when you’re having technical issues.


The right choice for your business


Choosing the best tour and activity online booking system for your business takes time.


By considering the requirements that we’ve mentioned above, you’ll find high-quality software that suits your needs and gives your clients a satisfactory experience.

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