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Property Management System Clean Travel Connect

More Bookings, Managed in One Place

Integrated calendar for bookings from all major global channels via our optional channel manager integrations.


Take direct bookings with our website and Facebook booking widgets.


No double bookings.

Unified Calendar with Clean Travel Connect Booking Software
Personalisation for your Guests

Delight your Guests With Personalised Service

Check your guests in and out with ease with complete guest management solution.


Offer up-sells and collect post stay reviews and with automatic email and SMS notifications.


Intelligent guest personalisation tools help your staff provide the right service at the right time, to maximise revenue.

Business Insights You Can Understand

Make intelligent business decisions. Our powerful analytics give you the information you need.


Our beautiful dashboard translates your guest, room, service and staff data into insights.


Smooth back office tools make your administration, invoicing and reporting easy.

Business Insights for Travel Companies with Clean Travel Connect
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our Hotel Management Module has all of the features of a Property Management System and more! Our system includes Booking management, Distribution, Staff Task management, including housekeeping, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Marketing, Administration, Reporting and Analytics. We are a complete Hotel Management System. If you have a specific question about a feature you require, just ask us!

We connect to over 250 major Online Travel Agents (OTAs), including and Expedia. Please, contact us for a complete list.

Yes, we offer a Channel Manager so you can synchronize your reservations from various online travel agencies (i.e.,, Expedia) and other channels. We also have a booking widget for your website, from where you can get reservations and online payments without paying commissions.

You can use the Clean Travel Connect + Channel Manager to manage your listings on multiple online travel marketplaces from one simple platform. We will also help you get listed on the most significant online travel agents (OTAs) so that you can boost your bookings.

All users of our Connect + platform are eligible to sell on However, before doing so, your organisation must achieve Clean Travel certification. We will provide advice and support to achieve this.

We provide you with specific advice and support to help you get registered with multiple global online travel marketplaces. When you are set up, you can manage your listings on all of them from our platform.

Yes, we want to help you succeed! We will help you get set up on the system so that you can start growing your business. Also, you'll have access to our advanced Learning Academy, where you can learn new skills and specific actions that you can take to market your business better online.

You are in full control of all elements of your products. You can determine every aspect, including the price, payment terms, the availability and the cancellation policy.

Yes! You can list all of your products, their details or just the Book Now button and calendar for a product on its own page, or within an existing website page. We provide a simple line of code that can be installed by your developer. Alternatively, we are happy to install it for you!

Yes! Ask us about our custom travel website templates, which are ready for you to use. We customise them for your branding, pictures and products so that you can go start selling online quickly.

Yes. Our system is fully mobile responsive and hosted in the cloud. You can read, edit and navigate to any part of your account from any phone, tablet, laptop or computer.

Yes, you can create as many accounts as you need for each one of your employees, manage their access in and see their recent activity to follow up.

Yes, we have an advanced 'Tasks' feature so the staff can create a list and mark each task as completed from their mobile device. You can also create reminders that can appear as notifications in your staff's smartphones.

Yes, you can generate advanced analytics and reports on finances (income, expenses, cash flow, banking) and bookings (average booking value, guest purchases, revenue per booking, etc.).

Yes, with a click, you can automatically send confirmation emails with previously prepared text. You'll save time and develop a better relationship with your guest.

Yes, you can customise your pricing to accommodate special rates for any periods, such as peak seasons or public holidays.

Yes, you can set up your account to support multiple currencies and have the values of each currency appear in your receipts.

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